Welcome to Lolo Tactical where it is my goal to provide you with the most innovative quality parts and Optics at the best price possible. This should be the first place that you want to visit when you are going to upgrade your AR15.
We provide you with many choices of parts to build a lighter, more accurate and upgraded reliable AR15 / Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR).  Using the term MSR seems to it make it current and accepted which should help us fight to keep our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones.  Also because it is evident that American Patriots have embraced the AR15/MSR as the loved American Rifle. You will only hate the MSR if you don’t understand what it is and the useful versatility of the MSR.
Why do I have this passion? Because starting out when I was growing up my Father introduced me to shooting when I was about 5 years old. This is the same way I have taught my children and expect them to teach their children the same.
It was a very normal thing on weekends and Holidays for my Father to take us shooting, we would also take friends and neighbors.  When we were 12 or 13 he would drop my brother and I off up on the mountain. There just happened to be a very large chicken ranch close by. This attracted many coyotes and bobcats for a target rich environment opportunity. By the time all of our ammo was about shot up Dad would be there to give us a ride home.
Since then I had always craved the outdoors and also became an avid big game hunter. I discovered attraction to the versatility of the AR15 (MSR) much later. The AR15 modular sporting rifle has even been embraced by the traditional bolt action hunting style of my brother. My brother is traditional and does not accept change easily. When he told me the AR15 was his favorite rifle I knew then that this would be accepted by many hunters.
I realize there are many web stores where you can go buy your parts. Through my own trial, error building platforms and shooting I can provide you with quality parts that are right for you.  That way I can save you money in two ways and not repeat my errors as well as keep the prices low.
I know that these parts are high quality and dependable because I use most of them myself. These Manufacturing Companies on this website and I stand behind these products.
I am lifetime NRA member and supporter of the second amendment. The fight for our God given rights will never be over.  We all need to stand firm against the constant attacks on our precious 2nd amendment. That is the main thing that makes us different than any other country on the planet.
I hope you enjoy the process of selecting the parts for your next up grade or build. When you come back here you will find even more cool, quality products. Aim small miss small.
If you need have questions or just need help with the selection of your parts up grade please contact me at;
          or call
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